Do you need B.M.S, Coaching?

You don’t need to take medicine if you don’t feel sick. Medicine to a sick person is cure, if the side effects don’t get you first, you know. Your hair might fall off, your teeth might turn yellow, you might experience dizziness or any of the numerous side effects you read on the bottle. On the other hand, the medicine will cure you of whatever disease you have, and this is not true when you are perfectly healthy and then you decide to take a full dose of medication for sick people. The medicine will work in reverse, instead. It will make you sick, and then you’ll have to take another dose of medicine to get well, and there is always the risk of side effects. What I am telling you is that you shouldn’t take medication if you’re not sick. Why am I telling you this? Because when it comes to B.M.S. Coaching, no one is a hundred percent healthy. Each person is sick in some way, and needs B.M.S. coaching.

To be continued….