There’s has been a terrible mistake! Jack Mann should be in Los Angeles,  getting ready to receive the Lawyer of the Year Award; instead he is standing in front of a movie theater, staring in disbelief, at a smiling a man who is not only as tall as a tree but is also wearing skirt.

The giant informs Jack about his terrible fate, but Jack vehemently claims the gift of free will, which can never be denied, in order to return home.

However, natural laws forbid replications, so the lot falls on a life that is not Jack’s; a life of an albino in rural Tanzania, a place where albinos are hunted and killed for their body parts in order to create magic concoctions that make people rich. Failure to return home means Jack has to face the reason why he’s been brought to the movie theater.

What follows are revelations of lies, secrets, and betrayals between husbands, wives, and friends, some unsuccessfully covered by murder.

Only complete repentance can be called forgiveness, so who will qualify?


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