No Ugly Chicks

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A 65-year old American called Johan, who is posing as an ESL teacher in China in order to find a wife, believes that he’s doing ugly women a favor if he dates them. But when an ugly woman says “No” to him, Johan’s pride is wounded and he stalks her to church, a place he vowed never to go.

While the pastor is teaching how, “You can command angels to bring you what you want, even a million dollars,” Johan is plotting how to get the ugly woman to say “YES” so he can tell her, “I don’t date ugly chicks,” but it turns out that she is married, so Johan storms away in frustration, heading to the Dave’s bar where he gets drunk and decides to try out the pastor’s idea. He closes his eyes and squeezes his mind like a lemon, declaring, “Angels, bring me the most beautiful woman on the planet!”

What happens next is one man’s struggle to balance a dream come true, as past mistakes  haunt him, a battle between beauty and  ugliness in which one goes for gold while the other seeks revenge.

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